Classes & Events

Classes are scheduled throughout the year ranging from garden growing and care to craft classes during the  holidays. Check back often, or call us and we’ll be happy to let you know what’s coming up. In order to provide exceptional customer service to you when you shop with us, we are taking a break from classes for the rest of the spring season.

All classes are free, unless otherwise stated. Please RSVP to (970) 565-8274 to reserve your spot. Classes and workshops that are “make and take” generally fill quickly and we have to order supplies in order to make sure we have enough materials for everyone, so it’s important that you register for those classes.

If there’s something you’d like to see us add to our list, please let us know that as well and we’ll be happy to see what we can do. Our best ideas sometimes come from our customers! We are also happy to accommodate special group requests. Be a lifelong learner! Call us today to schedule your group or club.

February 20   2 pm  Houseplant Highlights- Freshen up your winter home with houseplants! Learn how to choose, how to plant, and how to care for these indoor air cleaners.

 February 27  2 pm    Seed Starting Basics From Start to Finish Seed starting to grow your own flowers or vegetables isn’t really all that difficult, but there are a few tips and tricks to learn. Many seeds need to be started soon in order to make this summer’s growing season. Join us and we’ll have you up and growing in no time!

March 5   2 pm   Pruning with the Pro– Confused about how, when and what to prune to keep your yard looking perfect? Take the mystery out of pruning with this hands-on workshop that will focus on pruning trees.

March 12  2 pm  Terrariums! – They’re gaining in popularity and look great in many places in your home, but there are a few secrets to having success with these contained gardens. Make your own terrarium in this make-n-take class. Fee will depend on materials used but generally should be in about the $25 range.

March 19  10 am Totally Tomatoes and Perfectly Peppers -If you’ve had our winter tomatoes or purchased some of our spring starter plants, you know that Vic is “totally tomatoes” and he’s just as crazy about peppers! Join him as he explores the world of tomatoes and peppers from start to finish.

March 26   10 am    Pruning with the Pro – Confused about how, when and what to prune to keep your yard looking perfect? Take the mystery out of pruning with this workshop that will focus on roses and shrubs.

April 2  10 am   It’s Just Dirt – Confused about the stuff we call dirt? How do you make the stuff in your yard actually grow something? We’ll provide helpful information on the soils in our area, how to amend them and how best to make your yard a gardeners showplace! And best of all, we’ll do a free soil test for anyone bringing a sample! Please call ahead for instructions for collecting your sample.

April 2  2 pm  Taking the Mystery out of GMO, Organics & Heirlooms-   You hear about or read in the gardening magazines all about GMO, yet it’s really pretty misunderstood. Join Vic as he sorts it out for you in plain talk, and also covers organics and heirlooms. This is a “must take class” for all gardeners this season!

April 9   10 am    Lush Lawns Lawns don’t have to be difficult if you know which seed and products to use. We’ll go from seed to sod to mowing with some helpful tips we’ll share to have you well on your way to a lawn that everyone will want to run barefoot through!

April 9  2 pm    Controlling Critters It seems like we’ve all got ‘em. Moles, voles, gophers, insects and birds. But there are ways to manage your critter population and still be successful in your yard and garden. Join us for this informative seminar and we’ll help you make peace with your critter friends!

April 16  10 am   Small Spaces and Vertical Veggies Do you have only a very small space in which to garden? Then go vertical! Many flowers and vegetables can be raised in very small spaces using cold frames, containers and raised beds. Join us for this class to learn some tips and tricks for using your small space to the max!

April 16   2 pm  New to the Game – Are you new to the game of gardening or new to the area? Maybe you’ve tried a few things but still need some help? Join us as we walk you through and answer your questions to make your small successes turn into big rewards!

April 23   10 am    Grow Your Own Groceries – Mom was right- it’s always best to  eat your veggies and it’s much more economical to grow them too! Join us as we get you started on your spring veggie garden with proven tips and tricks to get a jump on the season!

April 23  2 pm  Naturally Organic – You read about organic gardening all over the place, but what does it really entail? Join Vic as he walks you through the basics of organic gardening from start to finish!

JUST ADDED  – NEW! April 30   10 am Straw Bale Gardens – This is the class that everyone has been asking for this spring! Join us as we walk you through creating your own straw bale garden!

JUST ADDED April 30   2 pm  Roses! Roses are one of the most enjoyable shrubs you’ll have in your garden and they’re one of our favorites. Join us as we discuss the different types, when and where to plant, and we’ll walk you through creating the perfect rose garden and teach you how to care for your beauties throughout the growing season.