Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips 

~Water all trees, shrubs, and perennials well that have been planted within the past two years. It’s been a dry winter, so this supplemental water is essential and critical for their survival.

~Start planting trees and shrubs as soon as the ground is workable.

~Plant pansies.

~Plant cool season vegetable seeds, potatoes, and onions. Later in the month, plant cool season veggie transplants like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

~Put out hummingbird feeds early in May.

~Apply pre-emergent weed killers to get a jump on summer weeds.

~Apply Neem oil, or other control to get a jump on the aphids this summer. It’s going to be a bad bug season!

~Water if it continues to be dry!

~Fertilize fruit trees, roses, trees, vegetable gardens and other plants, especially as we get more into the season. Trees and shrubs should be fertilized in April, June, and early August for optimal growth.

~Plant perennials after hardening off.

~Stake or cage taller perennials as they emerge.

~Plant bare root trees and perennials and transplant or divide other perennials if needed.

~Control weeds as needed.

~Plant tomatoes and other tender veggies using Walls of Water, Season Extenders, or Hot Kaps once the weather begins to moderate.