The Faces of Four Seasons

At Four Seasons, our staff is the best! Friendly and knowledgeable, we can help you with your garden plans, questions, how-to’s, classes and more.

Vic Vanik

Owner, heads up our staff at Four Seasons and has over 51 years experience in the horticulture industry and has owned his own operation for 45 of those years. Previously a grower in Lancaster, PA, he has grown plants for Longwood Gardens, Disney World, and shipped plants all over the world from Alaska to Israel. Although his first love is the greenhouse, you’ll find him in every department at Four Seasons. Look him up the next time you have a question- so far we haven’t found one he can’t answer!

Gail Vanik

Began her career in garden centers 44 years ago. Now she does a little bit of everything, from helping on the transplant line in the spring, to doing the marketing and advertising, to buying for the store, to setting up the Christmas Shop, to trying to manage our wild and crazy staff. Look for her in the greenhouse, at the registers or helping with customer care. She’s the voice behind our radio ads and has her own newspaper column, “Gail’s Garden.” In her free time she enjoys quilting, needlework, reading and yes- making leis!


Nichole Cooke

Is the smiling face at our cash registers. She comes to us after working as a caregiver for many years and her love of gardening and playing in the dirt led her to join our team. She’s always smiling and we love that about her! She lives on a farm in the area and has a passion for animals that rivals her love for gardening. She’s learned a lot since she joined our team and will help you find the answers to all of your gardening questions. Nichole is also the manager of our popular Winter Market!

Suzan Clifford

Is now the veteran of our Four Seasons team. A native of New Mexico, a career in the military, and then in the greenhouse/garden center business has taken her all over the United States. She currently lives on one of the most beautiful ranches in our area. You’ll find her smiling face in the Perennial House and also helping out in the Nursery, teaching classes each spring, and helping with the winter produce and at our table at the Winter Market. We love the depth of horticultural knowledge she brings to our team and rely on her insight when ordering. In her free time she loves to bake and read!

Kim Martin

Kim is the smiling face you see at our registers. A native of this area, she has gardened in Montezuma County on her family’s farm most of her life. She’ll give you great advice, no matter whether you’re looking for the best tomatoes to can, or a great fertilizer to help your garden grow. Mom to Emily, Nicholas, and Duncan, she’s also active with the MCHS Band Boosters.

Dawn Beck

A native of Montezuma County, Dawn recently moved back to our area from Mississippi. After a stint as an OTR truck driver with her husband, Shane,  she worked at Walton’s Greenhouse and fell in love with the garden center world. She brings a wealth of information with her and the care and love she has for the garden center is obvious and we are lucky to have her as part of our team. Look for her smiling face next time you’re in the greenhouse!

Andrea Creel

Andrea grew up in Switzerland and began her career in horticulture there. Trained in many aspects of plantscaping, landscape design, and gardening, you’ll find her in our nursery during the summer months and helping in the greenhouses with our fresh produce program during the winter months.  She and her husband, Richard, came to Montezuma County after living in Texas and Arizona. Andrea has two grown sons who currently reside in Canada.

Emma Briggs

Emma’s brother Trent worked for us last year so he sent his sister to us this year and we love her! It’s her first job and we don’t know how we did without her. You’ll find her helping in the greenhouse, helping with customer care, weeding, helping with the produce in the winter months, and much, much more. She has quickly become an important part of our Four Seasons team and we are so happy to have her smiling face and great attitude. She enjoys reading in her spare time.

Glenda Davis

Glenda is a new member of our team this year and we are thrilled to have her join us. Her can-do attitude and smiling face are infectious. You’ll find her helping on the transplant line and in the greenhouses in the spring, on the mower in the summer, and helping with the produce during the winter months. She’s a proud grandma and likes to go to the lake and races in her free time. You will love seeing her smiling face and hearing her laughter as much as we do.


Christopher Vanik

He has been in the greenhouse practically since he was born. Well, at least since he was 48 hours old! You might remember him as the cute kid who ran a hot dog and lemonade stand. He’s off and settled in a new job now, but still does our IT work and he’s the one responsible for our new sound system and lots of other behind the scenes upgrades this year. He still loves Colorado though and occasionally comes back to help Mom and Dad. 

Austin Briggs

Austin is Emma and Trenton’s brother and the newest member of the Briggs family to join our team. His smiling face is a delight to come to work with each day and he keeps us on our toes. You’ll find him loading bagged goods, helping with planting, helping at the Winter Market and he loves to pull and prep carrots!  We love his sense of humor and infectious enthusiasm and all it brings to our team!