The Faces of Four Seasons

At Four Seasons, our staff is the best! Friendly and knowledgeable, we can help you with your garden plans, questions, how-to’s, classes and more.

Vic Vanik

Owner, heads up our staff at Four Seasons and has over 49 years experience in the horticulture industry and has owned his own operation for 41 of those years. Previously a grower in Lancaster, PA, he has grown plants for Longwood Gardens, Disney World, and shipped plants all over the world from Alaska to Israel. Although his first love is the greenhouse, you’ll find him in every department at Four Seasons. Look him up the next time you have a question- so far we haven’t found one he can’t answer!

Gail Vanik

Began her career in garden centers 43 years ago. Now she does a little bit of everything, from helping on the transplant line in the spring, to doing the marketing and advertising, to buying for the store, to setting up the Christmas Shop, to trying to manage our wild and crazy staff. Look for her in the greenhouse, at the registers or helping with customer care. She’s the voice behind our radio ads and has her own newspaper column, “Gail’s Garden.”

Michael Seitz

Is our jack of all trades that keeps us running well and looking good. He’s lived all over the country from Alaska to Massachusetts, including in our little silo house, and we love having him. He’s a master carpenter and can fix just about anything we’ve thrown at him (and it seems like there’s always something that’s breaking!) You’ll see him mowing, doing repairs, and helping with the produce and market in the winter.     

Suzan Clifford

Has been a delightful addition to Four Seasons. A native of New Mexico, a career in the military and then in the greenhouse/garden center business has taken her all over the United States. She currently lives on one of the most beautiful ranches in our area. You’ll find her in the Perennial House and also helping out in the Nursery, with the winter produce and at our table at the Winter Market, and sometimes at the registers.

Nichole Cooke

Is the smiling face at our cash registers. She comes to us after working as a caregiver for many years and her love of gardening and playing in the dirt led her to join our team. She’s always smiling and we love that about her! She lives on a farm in the area and has a passion for animals that rivals her love for gardening. She’s learned a lot since she joined our team and will help you find the answers to all of your gardening questions

Christopher Vanik

Has been in the greenhouse practically since he was born. Well, at least since he was 48 hours old! You might remember him as the cute kid who ran a hot dog and lemonade stand. He’s off and settled in a new job now, but occasionally comes back to help Mom and Dad.