Do you have a gardening question? Is there something “bugging” your yard?

 Do you need help planning your garden this season? Then ask Vic!

Vic Vanik, Four Seasons owner and grower, has over 48 years experience in the horticulture industry. He started out planting tomatoes, piecework, as a teenager which led to a horticulture program for him through Ball Seed Company. In his years in the industry, he’s seen just about everything, so if you have a question or problem, he’s here to help!



Please remember though that diagnosing a plant problem is a little bit like a visit to the doctor and many times it’s nearly impossible to tell you over the phone or through an email what exactly is wrong with your plant.

The best way is to take a small piece of the problem, put it into a ziplock bag, (because you don’t want the critters escaping on the ride over!) and bring it to us. It’s much easier for us to help you if we have a sample of the problem in front of us.




You can also email us at or call us at (970) 565-8274 during business hours.  If you are emailing and can include a photo of the problem or pest, that will help us greatly in helping you. You can also connect to us via Facebook by clicking here. He’ll answer your questions by email, or by phone if you include your phone number, usually within 24 hours.