Gardening Tips

Spring Gardening Tips 

~Plant tender annuals and vegetables as soon as danger of frost in your area has passed. 

~Fertilize grass if it’s been at least six weeks since the last application.

~You should be able to plant all flowers, trees, shrubs and perennials by the end of the month.

~Prune spring flowering shrubs such like lilacs and forsythia as soon as they finish blooming.

~Plant patio containers and hanging baskets now.

~Start weeding when the plants are small and do not have any seed heads. This will make the job much easier later in the season.

~Consider using a preventative like Preen to keep weeds under control.

~Fertilize trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and veggies now and on a regular basis going forward. How would you look if you were never fed? It’s the same for your plants! Keep them happy and well fed through the season and they’ll reward you with lush foliage, spectacular blooms and an abundance of fruits and veggies!