Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips 

~Remove foliage from spring blooming bulbs after the leaves have died back.
~Everything can be planted now.
~Be sure to keep things watered.
~Watch for insect problems to that you can treat them early if necessary.
~Fertilize container plants, annuals, and vegetable gardens regularly so that the plants root in well and establish themselves before the heat of summer arrives.
~Make a second application of Fruit Tree Spray on apples and pears to prevent wormy fruit. This application is the most important of the two.
~Use 38 Plus or Eight to control grasshoppers before a population gets established.
~Fertilize grass and trees now. Trees and shrubs should be fertilized three times during the growing season- in April, June, and early August.
~Keep your garden weeded. Weeds compete with desirable plants for water.
~If you’ve finished planting and mulching your garden, relax and enjoy it!