Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

-Keep your garden watered!

-Everything can be planted now.

-Watch for insect problems so you can get a jump on them and treat them early if necessary.

-Use Eight to control small grasshoppers before a population gets established.

-Continue fertilizing container plants, annual beds, and vegetable gardens.

-Fertilize grass and trees three times a year. Once in April, again in June, and finally in early August.

-Deadhead and weed as needed to keep your plants looking their best. Weeds will compete against desirable plants for water, so this year it’s especially important to eliminate them.

-Check drip and irrigation systems often to be sure they haven’t become clogged and are operating at peak efficiency. Use the water resources we have wisely.

-It’s not too late to plant veggies, especially if you live at a lower elevation.