Gardening Tips

Early Spring Gardening Tips 

~Start planting trees and shrubs as soon as the ground thaws.

~Improve soil in annual beds and vegetable gardens. Top dress perennials and shrubs with compost.

~Buy seeds and seed starting supplies early. Certain varieties sell out fast.

~Start pepper seeds indoors mid-late March. 

~Plant peas, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, kale, spinach, carrots and more outdoors as soon as your garden soil is workable.

~Plant pansies in late March.

~ Depending on the weather, prune roses when their buds begin to swell.

~Continue to check houseplants for pests and diseases. Re-pot when the days begin to grow longer and the sun stronger.

~Apply a new layer of mulch to help retain the moisture that we’ve had before the spring winds arrive.

~Begin planting perennials early-mid April, depending on your location.