Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

-Give trees and shrubs their second application of fertilizer for the season.

-Deadhead and weed as needed to keep your plants looking their best. Weeds will compete against desirable plants for water, so it’s especially critical to eliminate them and keep them under control. 

-Check drip irrigation systems often to be sure they haven’t become clogged and are operating at peak efficiency. Use the water resources we have wisely.
-It’s not too late to plant vegetables, especially if you live at a lower elevation.
-Keep things protected from the wind using a blanket, sheet, or other covering.
-Keep all plants watered. This wind can dry them out quickly even though it may not be very hot outside.
-Everything can be planted now- perennials, annuals, all trees and shrubs.
-Watch for insect problems so you can treat them early if necessary.
-Fertilize all container plants, annual beds, and vegetable gardens.
-Begin to enjoy your harvest as you start gathering fresh produce from your gardens!