Gardening Tips

Fall into Winter Gardening Tips

-Plant perennials, trees, shrubs and vines now to allow them time to root in before winter weather arrives. 

-Plant fall pansies and mums for a burst of fall color that will last well into the season. Fall pansies will bloom throughout the indian summer weather to come, then return for that first burst of color next spring. We’ve planted pansies as late as Thanksgiving and had good success.
-Use herbicides to kill weeds before winter.
-Divide any perennials that need it and aren’t blooming now.
-Plant spring bulbs like crocus, tulips, and daffodils now.
-Drain and winterize irrigation systems and hoses now that the irrigation water has been turned off.
-Empty, cover or move birdbaths to shelter to keep them from freezing and cracking in the cold weather.
-Remove leaves and debris that may have blown in from your flower beds and garden. Leaves act as a collector for bacteria and could cause problems in your soil come spring.
-Around Thanksgiving mulch roses with Back to Earth or compost to protect them through the winter.
-Don’t forget to give your newly planted (in 2019 or 2020) plants a drink if it remains dry.