Gardening Tips

Early Summer Gardening Tips

-Keep things watered!

-Keep watering all trees, shrubs, and perennials that have been planted within the past two years. If the area  remains dry this supplemental water is essential and critical for their survival.

-Fertilize trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and veggies now and on a regular basis going forward. How would you look if you were never fed? Keep them happy and well fed through the season and they’ll reward you with lush foliage, spectacular blooms and an abundance of fruits and veggies!

-Everything can be planted now!

-Watch for insect problems so you can get a jump on them and treat them early if necessary.

-Use 38 Plus or Eight to control grasshoppers before a population gets established.

-Deadhead and weed as needed to keep your plants at their best. Weeds will compete against desirable plants for water, so it’s especially critical to eliminate them early.

-Check drip and irrigation systems often to be sure they haven’t become clogged and are operating at peak efficiency. Use the water resources we have wisely please.