Videos and Social Media

We’re social people! It’s a new electronic world and everyone loves help in the garden ~ especially when it can be done visually. We invite you to click here to visit our collection of “how to” videos, posted on our You Tube page. In Vic’s “Grow with the Pro” videos, you’ll find helpful hints, tips and tricks, and general gardening advice in short (generally less than 2 minute) segments..

We welcome feedback via our “Contact Us” page for things you’d like to see us cover. Whether it’s how to plant a tree, or how to start seeds, no topic is too large or small.

If you’re an information junkie, consider “liking” us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram as well. We’ll be doing much more on Instagram, for instance, this spring as a quick, easy way to share everything new, fun, or interesting with you this season. The easiest way to join our community is to click on the icons on the right hand side of this page, above our address. They will take you directly to our sites and you can join from there. No matter which is your favorite, there’s a way to connect with us!

Gardening in our part of the world, or in almost any part, for that matter, can be a challenge. We want you to be successful in your yard and we’ll give you all of the information we can to help you to enjoy it as you plant. Enjoy the videos and keep on digging!