Welcome to Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery!

Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, a full service garden center, specializing in locally grown plants, located between Cortez and Dolores, CO welcomes you!

Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone who is new to planting, Four Seasons can help you achieve your gardening dreams!

What if the secret to happiness was right in your own backyard? It can be. Do flowers make you smile? Does the juice running down your chin after biting into a freshly picked, ripe tomato make you chuckle?

If you plant flowers, we ‘ll help you create a beautiful spring. If you prefer vegetables, we’ll help you harvest a delicious summer. If you garden with children, or grandchildren, we’ll help you re-discover the wonder of growing things along with them.

Thinking about a new landscape? Adding a tree or garden? Want to learn easier ways to grow your own food or limit weeds? It’s a good time to visit the garden center when we have plenty of time to help you plan your summer projects.

Small successes, big rewards. That’s what we’ll help you achieve. What will you cultivate this year?

Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery- Celebrating over 30 years of helping the best people create their best gardens!