Sales & Specials

Fall Gold is our customer loyalty program. Receive a dollar of Fall Gold for each $10 you spend throughout the season. Then bring them back between July 15-30th or September 15th-30th to redeem them, dollar for dollar, on anything in the store except a gift certificate. That’s up to 50% off anything you’d like to purchase!

It’s a great time to treat yourself to that something special you may have had your eye on throughout the season, or time to add a new plant, tree, shrub, or garden accent to your home.

Other sales and specials are held throughout the year and the best way to get instant notification of these is to either join our email list from the “Home” page of this website (at the bottom), or sign up to follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Sales are always promoted via those social media channels along with our emails. An easy way to follow us is by clicking on the social media icons on the right hand side of this page, underneath of our address. Those links will take you directly to those sites and you can follow us from there. We use these ways of communicating with you to let you know of upcoming sales and specials, alert you when the National Weather Service issues a frost and freeze warnings, and provide useful gardening information!