About Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery

Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, a full service garden center, specializing in locally grown plants, located in Southwest Colorado between Cortez and Dolores welcomes you!

What if the secret to happiness was right in your own backyard? It can be. Do flowers make you smile? Does the juice running down your chin after biting into a freshly picked, ripe tomato make you chuckle?

Create a more beautiful spring. Harvest a delicious summer. Plan a bountiful orchard. Rediscover the wonder of growing things along with your children or grandchildren. 

Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone who is new to planting, Four Seasons can inspire you and help you achieve your gardening dreams. 

Thank you to Vic and Gail Vanik for Half a Century of Love and Passion

For over 51 years, Vic Vanik has poured his heart into horticulture. And anyone who has met him knows just how passionate he is about helping you create your own beautiful garden oasis, or helping you solve your most vexing plant problem.

And since he and his wife Gail joined Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery in 1998, they have brought joy and friendship to countless people through their engagement with the community, locally grown plants, flowers, and delicious fresh produce.

They’ve brought the community together through their classes, events, and Winter Market.

And as the new owners of Four Seasons Greenhouse & Nursery, we want to say THANK YOU for every second of hard work they put into Four Seasons. We want to say thank you for continuing to share their knowledge with the community and with us as we learn to fill their enormous, soil-covered shoes.

Vic and Gail have created something truly special with Four Seasons and we will do everything necessary to carry their legacy forward with the same love and passion that made us fall in love with Four Seasons as customers in the first place.

Thank you!

Lisa & Gary Winn

Read the “Endings and Beginnings” October newsletter from Gail:


Welcome to New Owners, Lisa and Gary Winn

Lisa and Gary Winn grew up and were married in Cortez, Colorado.  After winding down another life in the corporate world, they returned home to
be close to family.

Lisa was visiting Four Seasons Greenhouse (her “happy place”) when she and Gary started talking with owners Vic and Gail. One thing led to another and they began discussing their next phases of life.

Vic and Gail had been considering retirment, but wanted to make sure the business went to someone passionate about both horticulture and local community.

Lisa and Gary were looking for a new challenge doing something they love, and looking for a way to be a meaningful part of their hometown.

It was one of those moments where the stars aligned.

So as Four Seasons Greenhouse experiences a changing of the guard, rest assured that it’s in the hands of passionate owners who respect the original vision of Vic and Gail, are passionate about making your garden the best it can be, can’t wait to be part of the community for years to come…

And might have a few exciting new ideas to bring to the garden center as well 🙂