Soils & Mulches

Our soils make the difference… 

People always ask us, “Why do your plants always out perform those from other places? They always seem to last longer and stay healthier.”

The reason is quite simple. Over the course of 51 years in the industry, Vic has trialed a lot of mixes, both those that come from companies on the East Coast and those on the West Coast, and he’s pretty picky about what we grow in. The size of our hanging baskets alone should prove that. We go through about 2 tractor trailer loads of soil per year, so what we have has to be good!

Most of our annuals, perennials, herbs, and vegetables are grown in “soilless mixes”, containing only peat moss with various additives. We don’t grow in a mix that contains polymers or fertilizers and that is for a reason. If the soil comes to us pre-mixed with these already in it, it is virtually impossible to control the ratios of those products to the potting mix. We know of various companies that have not been able to mix the soil and the additives well, thereby causing the plants put into them to be burned from too “hot” a mixture. Our solution is to add our own, depending on what is going to be planted in that soil. We do add polymers to all of our containers and hanging baskets to help them retain water and make them easier for you to care for once you take them home. Fertilizer is controlled through our watering process.

Since we are so picky about our soils, we are excited to introduce our own private labeled potting mix this year in a 2 cubic foot  manageable size for the homeowner. If you like the way our plants look, now you can use what we use in your home garden. While it is tempting to purchase inexpensive, chain store mixes, your plants will know the difference.

Mulches are almost mandatory in this part of the world and the addition of a little mulch in your garden can reap a multitude of benefits. First, mulch will help to keep the weeds at bay. Mulch also helps to retain moisture which is so important in our area.

Four Seasons Sunflower Compost is a great addition to any garden! This is the composted remains of our sunflower production, so you are getting certified organic compost for your home flower or vegetable garden.

Back to Earth is probably the best thing you can add to your garden, or when planting a new tree or shrub. Back to Earth is an acidified cotton boll compost which works to break down our heavy clay soils, and also adds organic matter back into the soil here. Be careful though- much of the Back to Earth now being sold is a blend of 25% Back to Earth and 75% bark. Although it is less expensive, it will not perform the same way the original does.

At Four Seasons, we still believe the extra work that goes into finding, using, and selling the very best soil we can, makes a big difference in the performance of each plant you take home to enjoy. Start with a great soil, great plants, add fertilizer and TLC, and it all works together to create the most spectacular plants for your home, garden, and landscape.