About Our Greenhouse & Nursery

image of flowers growing in Four Seasons Greenhouse


The annuals found in our greenhouse truly prove that Four Seasons is where it’s fun to color your world! These healthy, vigorous plants are great performers when used as bedding plants, in baskets, or containers. Locally grown by us, for you, you won’t find a larger selection of plants specifically chosen for our area anywhere else!

You’ll find lush annuals, fragrant herbs, spectacular hanging baskets and beautiful container gardens – all ready for you!

With names like Proven Winners and Wave Petunias, you’ll know that the plants you find here are the very newest introductions in these lines. We want you to be successful as a gardener and carrying a plant simply because it’s popular isn’t the way to do that. We have carefully selected the best choices for this area, so you can be sure that your garden will look spectacular.

Come on in and ask our knowledgeable team!


The Nursery at Four Seasons is a special place. Can’t wait a long time for a big, shady tree? Or maybe your family is just starting out and you want to plant a young tree and watch it grow over the years.  Maybe you want an edible landscape and are interested in fruit trees and berries. Or perhaps you remember your grandmother’s roses and want an old-fashioned rose or lilac garden whose fragrance will take you back to your childhood.

Either way, Four Seasons Nursery experts have just the thing for your yard.

With an extensive selection, our nursery is a place of fragrance and beauty. Spend some time there while our friendly staff helps you plan out the landscape of your dreams. Or come and take a class with us! Our classes teach you everything from planting to pruning to harvest in order to keep you successful in your yard.

From shade trees to fruit trees, to ornamentals, evergreens, and large specimen trees, our twenty acre nursery and adjoining 20 acre tree farm offers plenty of selection and value. Take some time to stroll through the nursery and grounds – you’ll find some wonderful ideas there for your home and garden!