Our Plants

What separates us from the rest? It’s the quality of our plants!

Our hanging baskets are legendary. Perennials are bright, bold and bursting with color. Our annuals have flower power that lasts and lasts to bring you a spectacular summer garden. Four Seasons plants are locally grown. Most of them are grown right here, at the nursery to ensure you plants that are acclimated for our area and that will perform well in your home garden.

Each year we select the “best of the best” of the new varieties available. Sometimes you may see plants that are popular in the gardening magazines, but they simply won’t thrive in our high dry desert climate. The plants you find here are specially chosen for this area, and since we grow most of what we sell, they have been grown from the beginning with your garden in mind. Vic Vanik’s 48  years of expertise in growing ensure that the plants you buy from us will outperform others. In addition, you’ll benefit from our years of knowledge and we’ll share our tips and tricks with you so that yours will be a garden to be proud of. Gardens can be time consuming and we want you to be successful with yours!

In addition, we offer custom container planting for your home or business. Just bring us your empty containers or purchase them from us, tell us whether they will be in sunny conditions or shade, give us an idea of your favorite colors or what you might like in them, tell us when you would like to pick them up and we’ll do the rest! We’ll plant them and put them in our greenhouses to grow on so that they are delivered to you already bright, blooming and beautiful. We’ll make your business or home shine with the results from our expert designers!