Green Initiatives

image of pond and gazebo at Four Seasons Greenhouse in Dolores, CO

At Four Seasons, we are all about being green!

Lots of businesses talk about what they’re doing to help the environment. But, as a business in the “green” industry, we believe that we should grow green and not just talk green.
So, here’s what we’ve done and will continue to do to be good stewards of our environment, community, and planet:

Facility Efficiency

    1. We removed old fiberglass from the greenhouses and retail areas and replaced it with new, double and triple walled polycarbonate sheeting. Obviously, this makes our facility more energy efficient, but it also eliminates chemical hazards associated with fiberglass. All in all, we have reduced our energy consumption by over 45%. In addition, we continue to replace smaller, older sections each year.
    2. We installed a new, state of the art, energy efficient heating system that decreases our demand for energy. The new system is approximately 90% efficient.
    3. We’ve replaced lights with LEDs because they use 80-90% less energy.


    1. We recycle pots, baskets, flats, and other plastics. So, by recycling we extend the life of a pot or flat by about 3-4 years. And we’ll recycle yours too! Just bring them to us.
    2. We recycle soda cans, cardboard, and other recyclable materials throughout the garden center.

 Responsible Growing

    1. We are certified as an Organic Grower by the State of Colorado. This means we do not use sprays or chemicals on our edible plants (like vegetables and herbs). And the chemicals that we do use on other plants are low impact. We use no RUPs (restricted use pesticides).
    2. We are certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a National Wildlife Habitat in our efforts to protect and care for our gardens and grounds. So, expect to see fox, eagles, skunks, geese and more wandering our grounds.
    3. We re-landscaped much of the property which made it more environmentally friendly and water wise.

How You Can Participate 

    1. If you have used pots you’d like us to recycle, just drop them off and we will recycle them for you.
    2. Get a copy of our pamphlet called “Watering Responsibly” (or read online here), which gives you helpful tips to maximize our most precious resource in our high, dry, desert climate.
    3. We offer you our own sunflower compost to help you enrich your landscaping, gardens, and lawns. Just ask!

Winner of Empire Electric Association and The Cortez Area Chamber of Commerce’s 2007 Energy Efficiency Award.