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Vic Vanik, owner of Four Seasons, has over 51 years of horticultural knowledge and gardening experience. He’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you solve your gardening problems.

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If you have a problem or need to have a question answered, call us at (970) 565-8274 either during business hours for an immediate response, or you can leave a message and one of our hand picked staff will be back to you, generally within one business day. You can also email us at If you are asking a question about a gardening problem, it is helpful for us to have a photo of the issue before we call you back, so please include that in your email if at all possible. Trying to help over the phone without seeing the problem is a little like a doctor trying to diagnose an illness without seeing the patient. You are also welcome to put a sample in a ziplock bag and bring that directly to us at the garden center.

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