image of perennial plants at Four Seasons Greenhouse

A perennial is a plant that lives for multiple years (at least 2 years).

Plant perennials once and watch them fill your garden with color year after year!

Maybe you need a perennial that thrives in a shady spot. Or maybe you need one that stands up to the hot sun. Whatever the case, we have the perennials for you. We carry a variety of sizes and each year there are many new ones to discover.

As with our annual plants, you will find only those that have been specifically selected because they thrive in our area.

We also offer helpful information and advice, along with planning services if you are new to perennial gardening. Many people don’t realize these plants have to be staged because they won’t all bloom at the same time. But with some careful planning and guidance from our experts, you will be able to have a perennial garden to be proud of all season long.

With over 400 varieties in our Perennial House, we have the largest selection of perennials in the Four Corners.