Organic Solutions

Organic products for what’s bugging you…

The term “organic” encompasses a wide range of things in the gardening world. You can start with organic soils, move on to plants and seeds, apply fertilizer, then treat when pests appear to create a totally organic garden. But education is the key here.

OrganicsNot all insects are harmful to your garden; in fact, many are beneficial and are an important part of the ecosystem. Chemicals used to eliminate insects do not discriminate between the good bugs and the bad ones, so you can limit the damage done to beneficial insects and, at the same time, keep harmful chemicals out of the environment by practicing natural pest control. We sell ladybugs and praying mantis eggs to help you control the pests in your garden naturally and effectively.

Natural insecticides made from plants like the pyrethrum daisy (Tanacetum coccineum) are used very effectively and are a major force in the bad bug patrol. Pyrethrum and Neem are a couple of these botanicals, which disperse quickly and do not leave residues.

Captain_Jack_logo-300x171Captain Jacks is one of our favorites and has an interesting story. It’s active ingredient is spinosad, which is a chemical that was discovered in the casks in an abandoned rum distillery and it’s one of the most effective natural controls available.

We carry a wide range of organic products and are certified by the State of Colorado as an organic grower, so we have the tools and information to help you in your natural growing environment. We plant in OMRI certified soil in the greenhouses, and use organic practices in our fresh produce programs. No matter what your situation, we can show you the right control to deal with what’s bugging you!