March 17

The geese are in the backyard, I saw a robin today, and the crocus at Four Seasons in the front flowerbed are beginning to bloom. Spring can’t be far away, despite the abundance of snow still on the ground! Maybe it froze along the way somewhere?

In any case, the pansies and violas in the garden center are beginning to bloom and you can tell that the days are lengthening. If you’re anxious to begin your spring and summer gardening plans, start by attending a class or reading up on some of the new varieties. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen people so excited about gardening- especially with vegetables. I think the high cost of groceries has driven even the most die hard non-gardener to reconsider this spring. I know that I’m feeding a teenager and my grocery bills are through the roof. My family had better like squash this summer!

If you are a small space gardener, consider gardening vertically, rather than horizontally. Use the Topsy Turvy planters. Use containers. Use whatever space you have that can easily be turned into a spot for food production. You’d be amazed and surprised at the amount of fresh food that can be produced in a small area. Tomatoes can go in a planter. Peppers can go in a pot. Radishes and lettuce can go into window boxed. Take a lesson from the Europeans who have always been short on space, but long on thrifty ways to invent places to garden. Then try it for yourself this summer!